Old Town Nights, Book 1
When Abby Lawrence shows a house to Ambrose Slater, she’s unable to resist the sexy, enigmatic man--a powerful mortal with fangs.  She’s frightened, angered, and hurt by his machinations, until he reveals his tender side.  Soon, she finds herself falling in love with him.

After she meets his quirky clan, a family of bakers, her feelings for him become more conflicted. His brother’s disastrous marriage to a regular woman further complicates matters. Ambrose and Abby face a heart-rending decision: To risk losing their love or to set each other free, despite the inescapable consequences...
Sisters of the Night, Book 2
Emaline Hoffbrau is a beautiful, confident vampire.  After losing the vampire man she loves, she doubts her soul mate exists--until the charming Garrett Thompson happens along. But whether he can accept what  she is or will break her heart, too, remains to be seen.

Juliana Slater is a gorgeous, manipulative vampire.  She’s married to Chad Browning, a “regular man.”  Despite loving Juliana, Chad’s not sure he wants to be her husband anymore.  A tragedy could decide their fate, unless they can learn to forgive and trust each other again.

Gretchen Eberhardt lives with Bertram Fulbright, a sexy vampire and “ladies’ man.” To add insult to injury, he’s slept with her best fang friends.  The odds are against a vampire couple finding lasting love.    Gretchen fears it will only be matter of time before Bert forsakes her.
New England Nights, Book 3
Abandoned late at night, Norah Sheridan shows up on Geoff Hammond’s doorstep, leaving him no choice but to take her in.  Attracted to Norah, Geoff risks breaking every promise he’s made to his dying mother.  Eventually, she learns the truth: that the handsome, renowned painter and his other artistic friends are human vampires, pursuing their talents in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Although Norah fights her feelings for Geoff, he has other plans for her.

New England Nights is the third book in the “Blood & Company” series, where integral connections are made...from the East Coast back to the Midwest.
Brothers of the Night, Book 4
Herschel Kohler harbors a terrible secret…and simmering resentment.  Although he hides the knowledge from his wife, Trudy, she senses the darkness within her vampire husband.  

Hundreds of miles away, Stefan Slater receives cryptic notes in the mail.  His brother Ambrose’s daughter experiences strange dreams and ghostly visits.  Now, a six-year-old girl, two brothers, and a group of friends must solve a tragic mystery dating back twenty-five years.  The shocking truth could help Stefan and Ambrose find closure...or shatter the Slater family.