The Depth of the Spirit, Book 1

When an accident leaves Thomas crippled and in a wheelchair, he resigns himself to life as a bachelor—not an easy thing for a young man to accept.  Then fate drops Margot in his lap.  Margot understands the frustrations and challenges of Thomas’ disability.  She knows the pain of loss.

Either serendipity has brought Thomas and Margot together, or his dead friend’s prophecy has come to pass.

Only Kayla knows for sure…
The Breadth of the Soul, Book 2

She doesn’t know who she is or why she’s come to Colorado Springs.  Dustin has no idea why he’s met her.  Kayla whispers that her name is Ruby—if he can believe the voice of a spirit in the night.  Separate tragedies, years apart, form an invisible bond between Ruby and him.

It could be a chance encounter over the Holidays, or it might be a match made in Heaven.

Only Kayla knows for sure…
The Ascent of the Heart, Book 3

Lorena exists in the confines of her troubled past.  When her nephew, Braedon, comes along, he frees her from her suffocating life.  Then Artie arrives with a few liberating tricks of his own—good food, good company, and a not-so-deaf ear.

In the wings, someone else watches and listens.  Someone who bears Lorena’s and Artie’s most painful secrets and deepest wounds.  The couple may need a little heavenly help from a teenage angel. 

Only Kayla knows for sure…